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From Dateline NBC

  • The new season is upon us! New mysteries, extra episodes, new original podcasts and a big reveal… Josh Mankiewicz sits down with Andrea Canning, Dennis Murphy, and Keith Morrison ahead of our season premiere on Friday, September 29 at 9/8c to dish all things Dateline. 
  • In this Dateline classic, a Florida man is holed up in a hotel room seeking shelter from a hurricane and hiding from his past. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on February 15, 2013.
  • Hey, Dateline fans! As a bonus, we’re giving you a special preview clip of our new podcast series Murder in Apartment 12. Keith Morrison is back with the story of Nona Dirksmeyer, a young beauty queen who was tragically murdered just days before her 20th birthday.If you like what you hear, you can listen to […]
  • Andrea Canning reports on the ongoing case of a Utah mother of three who wrote a children’s book about coping with grief following the sudden death of her husband.
  • Two young women leading rich, full lives are found dead years apart, both apparent suicides. The two had never met, but it turns out they did have one thing in common. Rob Stafford reports in this Dateline classic that originally aired on NBC on December 2, 2007.
  • An unexpected suspect comes to light as investigators work to solve a string of deadly shootings targeting women in the border city of Laredo, Texas. Josh Mankiewicz reports

The Lincoln Project

  • The Moonstruck Moment with Michael Steele
    Host Reed Galen is joined by Former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele. They discuss the field of 2024 GOP presidential candidates, the normative force of MAGA/right-wing media, and what to make of the impending government shutdown (and Kevin McCarthy’s catch-22). Plus, why our nation as a […]
  • Sleeping with the Devil
    Host Reed Galen is joined by fellow Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson and Lincoln Project Senior Advisors Stuart Stevens and Joe Trippi to discuss why it's so important for Americans to understand what a good job President Joe Biden is doing, the real reason behind the GOP wanting to shut down the government, and what […]
  • Easy Money with Ben McKenzie
    Host Reed Galen is joined by the television star turned crypto-critic…Ben McKenzie. They discuss the rise of cryptocurrency, who’s drawn to it, and why no one can seem to explain exactly what it is. Plus, a look at the fraud of Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX and other major players in the crypto-space…and how Donald Trump’s presidency/MAGA set […]
  • “I’m Here, and I’m Not Going Anywhere”
    Host Reed Galen shares why The Lincoln Project is dedicating the month of September to ensuring that Americans across the country know just how good of a job that President Joe Biden is doing. For this moment in time, he’s exactly who is needed to lead the pro-democracy coalition. Plus, Donald Trump has nothing to […]
  • The Architecture of Dark Money with Heidi Przybyla
    Host Reed Galen is joined by Heidi Przybyla, an award-winning National Investigative Correspondent for Politico. They get into her latest reporting on how the likes of Ginni Thomas and Leonard Leo gamed Citizens’ United and what dark money means for the MAGA movement as 2024 approaches…but first, what’s going on with Kevin McCarthy, his caucus, […]
  • In the Window with Ruth Ben-Ghiat
    Host Reed Galen is joined by Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Author and Professor of History and Italian Studies at New York University. They discuss the role extremist groups play in a nation’s evolution to authoritarianism, how every Trump rally since 2015 has been a radicalization site, and how the history of strongmen can inform our nation’s current […]