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    Following an attack by Ukrainian forces on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, rumors swirled about the potential death of Russian Admiral Viktor Sokolov. The post Russian War Report: Competing claims about the possible death of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet commander appeared first on Atlantic Council.
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    Robert Soofer and co-authors warn against the risks of targeting civilian populations in the event of a nuclear event. The post Soofer featured on RealClearDefense appeared first on Atlantic Council.
  • by Peter Dickinson
    Ukraine's escalating attacks in Crimea are steadily undermining Russia's invasion and are a reminder that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not limited to the relatively static front lines of the war, writes Peter Dickinson. The post Ukraine’s counteroffensive is making real progress on the Crimean front appeared first on Atlantic Council.
  • by Nicholas Blanford
    Not only has there been an uptick in activity in recent months along the Blue Line, but Hezbollah has also been establishing a new and visible military footprint. The post Hezbollah’s assertive posture in south Lebanon places UNIFIL in a difficult position appeared first on Atlantic Council.
  • by Mykola Bielieskov
    Ukraine's increasingly formidable drone army is enabling Kyiv to bring Vladimir Putin's invasion home to Russia and strike strategic targets throughout the Russian Federation, writes Mykola Bielieskov. The post Ukraine’s drone army is bringing Putin’s invasion home to Russia appeared first on Atlantic Council.
  • by Suriya Evans-Pritchard Jayanti
    Following a six-month pause, Russia renewed its bombing campaign of Ukraine's civilian energy infrastructure on September 21, signalling that Ukrainians face another winter of blackouts as Putin tries to freeze the country into submission. The post Russia resumes bombing campaign of Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure appeared first on Atlantic Council.
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    On September 21, the Scowcroft Center and the Korea Society hosted a joint panel event on “New Nuclear Dynamics of Northeast Asia” in New York City featuring Matthew Kroenig, Markus Garlauskas, and IPSI nonresident fellow Jessica Taylor, alongside Dr. Sue Mi Terry and moderator Jonathan Corrado. The conversation explored issues such as growing PRC and […]
  • by Uzair Younus
    Islamabad should look at the evolving global situation pragmatically and recognize that a strong Ukraine that defeats Russia is in its Pakistan’s interest. The post Why Pakistan must side with Ukraine over Russia appeared first on Atlantic Council.

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